Total Quartz Auto Care PH

: (049) 543 5304
: F. Reyes St. 4026 Santa Rosa, Philippines (near Monde Nissin / Banawe)




Centers Worldwide

The first Total Energies oil change shop was opened in Middle East in 2001. The concept is now deployed in many countries, including China, Algeria, Canada and South America. 


High Quality & Speedy Service

Total Quartz Auto Care Centers are retail outlets carefully selected to enhance Total Energies presence by means of a consistent network in the country – a high-quality and speedy service provided by trained and competent staffs who promise to honor their commitments.

Tailored High Quality Products

Clear and Displayed Services

No additional charges without the customer’s approval, free estimates and invoices that match the estimate.

Efficient Service

Competent, trained and qualified staff, modern, high-quality equipment and tools.

Clean, Accessible and Well-Organized Shop Floor

A welcoming environment in a clean and well-organised venue.


Total Quartz Auto Care & Vserve Trading

VServe has launched one of the first Total Quartz Auto Care Centers in the Philippines, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, with the same commitment to uphold high-quality and speedy service, together with extra services such as barber and cafe access while waiting.


How We Do It

Total Quartz Auto Care around the world has made a reputation for keeping the commitment, quality, and integrity of its services: 

Quality lubricants
Quick and high-quality service
With or without an appointment
Oil filter included in the oil change
Fixed-rate prices
Top-ups included in the packages

What We Do

In addition to oil changes, we do the following as well – fluid checks (brakes, coolant, etc.), engine checks (belts, tires, filters, etc). car wash and polish (inside and outside), tire changes 

Oil Change
Fluid Level Checks
Engine Checks
Car Wash
Tire Change