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12 Ways To Stay Safe During A Long Drive

Introduction: Ways To Stay Safe During A Long Drive

2023 has so far been an exciting year for us all. Being the first year with no pandemic after three long years, it feels special, yet normal at the same time. Not only are we free to gather together and do the usual things we haven’t done for years, like watch a movie, a concert, or have a party; we are also free to travel without restrictions. For the first time. In three long years. What would you expect?


That’s right. Prepare to meet an onslaught of tourists everywhere you go. No place is safe – not even that tiny little brook at your great grandma’s house in the province, which you thought nobody knew about.

In any case, long drives are great for getting away from it all and connecting with nature. But they can also be dangerous if you’re not prepared. One of the most important thing to do before a long drive is to have your car checked. Visit us at Total Quartz Auto Care for a thorough Vehicle Inspection. Check our other services here.

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Here are 12 tips to stay safe while driving long distances:

Tip #1. Wipe your face with a refreshing towel or cold water.

Have a damp face towel within reach while you drive. Wet it with cold water. Of course, the coldness will wake you up, but nothing beats getting enough sleep in order to stay awake.

Tip #2. Have enough sleep before you travel

Get enough sleep before heading out (and make sure everyone else in your vehicle does too). This usually means sleeping for 8 hours. You know you’ve had enough sleep if you don’t end up dozing off when you are seated and and doing nothing.

Tip #3. Have a coffee before you travel

Of course, most of us working daily would not survive without coffee. But at the same time, know that coffee may help you stay away, but may not enhance your state of alertness to emergencies. Again, nothing beats just getting enough sleep at night.

Tip #4. Take a break or have a rest for every 2-4 hours.

The beauty of traveling is not only about arriving at your destination but is in the whole journey itself. So relax and don’t rush. Learn to smell the flowers along the way. Even have a short nap if you must.

Tip #5. Don’t rush when driving long distances.

Take your time and relax. Relaxed-but-alert driving is safe driving. If you’re in a hurry, it’s likely that the person behind you will be too. This can lead to an accident or even a traffic violation if they catch up to you and try to pass.

Tip #5. Try to exercise during your stops.

Go outside the car and do some stretches. Exercise is always a good thing – it keeps your blood running.

Tip #6. Listen to some music and sing along if you can.

If there’s an open road with no traffic behind and nothing else going on except nature itself, then turn up some tunes either on the radio or on your mobile device. Sing along if you can; it will definitely keep you awake. Music has been proven to help keep people focused even during stressful situations, like driving through rain storms without windshield wipers on their cars.

Tip #7:  Wear sunglasses during daytime to ease the stress on your eyes.

Sunglasses are known to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays; they also make you look cool and fashionable. Wear them while driving in order to ease the tension on your eyes. Remember: they should make you feel relaxed, but shouldn’t make you feel sleepy!

Tip #8:  Eat a light meal or a snack while you drive. Fruits with high Vitamin C or with sour flavor are great.

Munching on something while you drive will surely help you stay awake. About sour candies – ever notice that sour candy or treats can lead to a burst of energy? These refreshing treats effectively increase energy levels because their delicious taste releases chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine to improve your mood.

Tip #9: Travel with a companion who can keep a conversation with you, or even share the drive with you.

If you can, its always better to travel with an animated companion who can talk with you and keep you awake. If they also know how to drive, even better! In that way, each of you can have a break from driving.

Tip #10: Open the window once in a while to get some natural air or feel the breeze on your face.

When you’re driving in the middle of a forest or a mountainous area, it’s often wonderful to open you window and breath in the fresh air. It can give you more energy and mental focus.
As your lungs take in more fresh air, the oxygen levels in your blood go up. Higher oxygen levels mean more of it circulates to your brain, which helps you feel energized and improves your ability to concentrate and remember information. You’ll get a clearer, sharper, calmer mind, and all it takes is a few breaths of fresh air.

Tip #11: Plan ahead

You need to know when you’re going to be driving and what kind of weather is likely to occur along the way. Make sure that your car has enough gas in it, and check the weather report before taking off. If you’re driving long distances, have an emergency kit with essentials like water and food in the car.

If you have time, make sure to plan your route and stops – like your food and drink stops. This is especially important if you’re driving long distances (think 6+ hours), because it will keep hunger levels down throughout the day. There are plenty of places where one can stop at for food.

Tip #12: Dress for comfort.

Dress for the weather. If you’re heading out on a long drive, it’s important to be comfortable in order to avoid getting too hot or cold. This can make you more alert and less likely to nod off at the wheel. You should also wear shoes with good traction.


I hope that this post has helped you feel more prepared to drive long distances. Have fun during the rest of the summer and keep safe!


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